Essentials of Eggism... a new way to understand life, universe - new version & everything. 

Essentials of Eggism... a new way to understand life, universe & everything. 

1) Mother Nature is actually a mother.

2) Our Earth is a fertilized egg in the ovary of mother nature

3) This egg was fertilized around 3.5 billion years ago, when life began on earth.

4) The egg-fertilizing material (sperms) came from outer space.

5) However, our earth is a fatherless child.

6) Jesus Christs virgin birth was a symbolic representation of our baby earth being a fatherless child .      

7) Adam was the name of that DNA molecule which came, around 3.5 billion years ago, from outer space to this earth, as a seed of life.

8) Through out these 3.5 billion years there have been 15,000 of such adams or DNA molecules, which guided the course of development of embryo.

9) Human beings are constructing the body of the baby.

10) The blueprint of construction is stored in the embryo. Human beings are merely implementing the blueprint.

11) All activities on earth lead to the development of this embryo.

12) Human races & religions have been designed to facilitate construction of the baby.    

13) People belonging to different races & religions are constructing different parts of the baby. E.g. Jews are making the brain of the baby. Chinese are making the hands of the baby.

14) Roads are the bones of the baby and human settlements around these bones are the meat of the baby.

15) Electrical & electro-magnetic communication networks are forming the nervous system of the foetus.

16) Money is the blood of the baby.

17) Language is vitamin C.

18) Human-beings are DNA molecule of the baby.

19) Culture switches on some genes, and switches off some genes in the DNA molecule.

20) Household is cell.                       

21) Market-mechanism determines position of cells in different parts of embryo.

22) Some very special people are constructing the soul of the embryo.

23) Language is conduit through time. It transmits the experience of a generation to the next.

24) Language is anti-time.

25) Music transmits mood without transmitting particularities of the situation.

26) Music is anti-space.

27) Music carries thought, expresses mood, changes mood. Music must mean something more tangible in some other dimension.

28) Essence of a space can be expressed through music.

29) The baby is being constructed in more than 3 dimensions.

30) Our 3 dimensional world is not an illusion. It is real but it is only a part of the reality.        

31) In some other dimensions the embryo might have developed into a grown-up being.

32) Our concepts about life are biased by sizes, temperatures & density.

33) Life may exist on hot-dense lava at the center of the earth.

34) Life may exist on hot-gaseous surface of the sun.

35) Ozone layer may be the shell of earth-egg.     

36) Breaking of ozone-layer may be necessary for the chicken to come out of the egg-shell.

37) Truth is an Onion, it comes into layers.

38) Eggism is essential for establishing world peace.

39) Faith can not be destroyed. People will keep on believing in something or the other.

40) Who is jealous of whom???? Are Muslims jealous of 'freedom' in the western countries ???

41) Future of FREEDOM is bright.

42) "Seeing is doing" - Krishnamurthi. "Doing is undoing" - Qirfiraz Siddiqui.

43) Prayers change currency.

44) "Sex is the supreme instinct" - Sigmund Freud. "Religion is the supreme instinct" - Qirfiraz Siddiqui.

45) Faith transmits the intransmittable.

46) Life is analog. True-False should be measured at analog scale.

47) Electronic computing may have to switch back to analog processing in order to reach its fullest potential.

48) Democracy and Capitalism are in-compatible.

49) Ordinary human beings are instantiation and spiritually awakened personalities are multiple-inherited derived-classes.

50) Higher degree of abstraction leads to spiritual growth.



            Little by little, an egg will walk (Ethiopian Proverb)       



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